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Mu online full season 17 episode 3 changelog:

This server is different compared to the other servers, we fully tested/walked ingame and changed the gameplay manually by experience mu online ourselves. Below we post our changelist and gameplay modifications.


1. Reconfiged all shops: 

--Every shop is styled and more focussed by class items. 

--All skills are in the mu online shops for all classes.

--Added secret shops that you will have to find, it will take some time but it will be worth it.

--All players will have start zen so they can fast buy some basic gear to speed up the beginner phase.


2. Custom mu online options

--Introducing new option system, on top of the default mu online options: ancient, socket, excellent, joh, jog. We introduce now extra options. 

--Changed many ancient options, and introducing new powerfull ancient sets.

--Changed socketed options powers so it matches up with the custom mu online options.


3. Reconfiged all pvp & pvm system:

--Since so many custom options, we fully rebalanced the classes PVP & PVM damage to provide good class gameplay once your maxed out.

--Changed skill damage par class.

--Changed global pvp system.

--Tested all classes so they can pvp each other with max/best set equipment.

--Changed all classes PVM system, based on PVP first. Now every single class does the same amount of DPS to monsters & bosses.


4. Reconfiged mu online boxes / events / specials rewards:

--Recreated box drops: usefull items so it will be more fun to hunt them, including the new muonline season 17 boxes.

--Good drops from events are important, so more challenge and fun to be expected.


5. HOT & NEW! - Mu online special features:

--New jewels system, upgrade brilliant ruud sets: After you created blood/dark/manticore/blue/brilliant sets you can now get even stronger sets by upgrade them with a new special jewel. It will change your set to a new even stronger set!

--New extra options system, even if you have excellent + ancient or full socketed sets with joh, there are now even extra options on top of them!

--New ultra strong bosses with amazing drops, get your party / guild going to hunt new awesome items!

--New mu online website features, to enhance the ingame mu online gameplay! 


6. Other mu online features

-3D camera, press F6 ingame to active the 3d-camera ingame, - hold the shift key + hold the right mouse click, while moving your mouse to rotate the mu online 3D aspect.

-Antilag: Press shift + any key from 0 to 9 to enable / disable glow, objects so you can finetune the perfect mu online gameplay aspect.

-Antilag extra + screenshot modus: simply press F8 ingame.

-Modified skilltree system, changed click system, now with 1 single click you make a tier fully upgraded. (instead of clicking 40x to level it up 1 by 1) - a lot easier and faster!

-Added and improved custom maps, more new mu online experiences to explore!


7. Mu online gameplay server settings.

-EXP: 5000x - feels like fast mu online gameplay - you can play from the start without worrying about weak gear / low level up 

-Master & Majestic EXP: 10.000x  - feels like medium gameplay, so it's worth to hunt & collect panda rings / pets for more and faster level up.

-Shops - balanced and all class skills will be available.

-Resets - ingame just type /reset, you keep your points

-Grand resets - on the website you can make grand resets, this will reward wcoins, you will keep all stats

-Antihack - Serverside prevention system + community report results in bans.







Posted 25/04/2022
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