Mu online season 17 episode 2 - upgrade - download the new client

Finally we have upgraded to muonline season 17 episode 2 - to play again you will require to download our new muonline season17episode2 client.


Full fix list on top of the muonline s17e2 upgrade:

Full muonline season 17 episode upgrade with new pets and skills
[FIX] wings not gives correct descriptions 
[FIX] epic items not showing options
[MOD] General performance improvements of server and client application
[FIX] Fixed issue where Evolution Monster did not change his appearance upon level up
[FIX] Fixed visual issue where Evolution Monster did not attack when his level was greater than 1
[MOD] Selection of fixes and improvements to Evolution Monster system, including updated file description
[FIX] Fixed Lua formulas in MasterSkillCalc_4th
[FIX] Fixed issue where Muuns did not auto repair using MuHelper
[FIX] Fixed issue where Chaotic Diseier skill attack range was not applied properly
[FIX] Fixed issue where placing mouse over Ruud in inventory resulted in garbage tooltip display
[FIX] Fixed typo in Monster Soul Converter item bags
[FIX] Fixed issue wgere Jewel of Kondar did not apply all possible excellent options
[FIX] Fixed issue where Cherry Blossom mix produced elemental items of invalid element
[FIX] Fixed game client crash upon use of specific skills at random locations
[FIX] Fixed issue where use of Solid Protection skill improperly reduced HP of party members
[FIX] Fixed issue where server applications could occassionally disconnect from authorization servers
[FIX] Fixed issues where use of /evoquest command did not properly set status of all class quest stages
[FIX] Fixed issue where devil square rank reward was not issued according to rank
[FIX] Fixed issue allowing to upgrade pentagrams to level higher than 10
[FIX] Possible solution for random game client crash
[FIX] Added AOE skills targetting mode selection while in Castle Siege or Arca Battle events
[FIX] Fixed issue where MuHelper did not use all six available buffs while in Offline levelling mode
[FIX] Fixed issue where summon monsters continued attacking Raklion egg monster after they were already killed
[FIX] Fixed random game client crash on opening shop or warehouse NPC
[FIX] Installed latest security patches
[FIX] Improved antihack
[MOD] Extended Chaos Card reward config by SetItem, SocketCount, ElementalItem attributes
[FIX] Fixed selection of AOE skills not using up to date checks to determine target
[FIX] Fixed issue where pentagrams or errtels could drop with 0 sockets at specific case

-Ice castle event changes:
-- Event time 15:30 gmt+1
-- Reward 10m wc (guildleader) 7m wc (members) of the winner guild
-- Winners gets access to (bosszone) Icelord zone1 & 2 
-- Icelord zones has a new boss, % drops new unique set

[FIX] Added new weapons and sets
[FIX] Added Kings Jewel - Can upgrade Epic items to Kings -> Epic -> BlackKings - BlueKings -> RedKings
-- Upgrades epic set items to Kings items
-- Upgrades epic weapons to King weapons

[FIX] item rotations of glitched shields
[FIX] Missing wing skins
[FIX] Wings alignements
[FIX] Some items could not be sold/trown or disassemble
[FIX] Some item requirements to low

Posted 14/08/2022
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