Zelda Mu online - new client

Salutations, intrepid ZeldaMU adventurers! Exciting news – a recent glitch gave us a run for our rupees due to a hardware blip, but fear not, we've untangled the issue, and there's no need to worry about any setbacks in your progress. Your game is back, and it's more resilient than ever!

Here's the breakdown: Recently, a minor hiccup surfaced in one of the computer components that keeps our game world flourishing. Visualize it as a momentary pause during your epic online quest. The good news is our tech sorcerers swiftly took charge, resolved the problem, and the most enchanting part is, none of your well-earned achievements were compromised. No need to backtrack or sacrifice a single heart container – everything remains as magnificent as before!

So, venture back into the captivating realm of ZeldaMU. Your characters, gear, and quests are all securely stowed, awaiting your triumphant return. For further updates or if you fancy sharing tales of this technical adventure with fellow Hyruleans, journey over to the official ZeldMU website.

We extend our gratitude for your patience during this digital escapade. Now, let's resume vanquishing foes, leveling up, and reveling in the legendary universe of ZeldaMU! 🗡️🛡️


Posted 03/01/2024
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